Why Choose Us?

Overview: Cost-effectiveEnthusiasticFlexibleNot a faceless corporation100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Cost-effective - no canteen to run or ruthless shareholders to please

It's simple economics: because our overheads are lower we can undercut most of the competition. No flashy office, no staff canteen, no CEO making money by playing golf all day. I'm not cheap though (in the cheap and nasty "seems-like-a-bargain-but-you-regret-it-later-on" sense - there are lots of those outfits around). Just good value.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Peace of mind: "100% Satisfaction Guarantee".

Enthusiastic - can we build it? Yes we can!

Because we enjoy what we do we're enthusiastic about it, and that makes all the difference (see some recent testimonials). We're not 9 to 5 office workers living for the weekend and don't get that 'Sunday night feeling of dread'. We'd describe our approach as "grounded optimism". That is, when someone says "is it possible to [insert challenging problem here]?" 9 times out of 10 we'll work out the best way to solve it then say "Absolutely!". Some people might call it a "can do" attitude but whatever the terminology the principle has served us well over the years. There are some projects inherently too big for a small company of course, so we don't take on anything that's unachievable. If someone said "Can you create me a website for my company in two days from scratch?" we'd politely decline, and if someone asked "Can you single-handedly sort out the IT infrastructure of the National Health Service?", we'd say no. It would be fun to try though...

Flexible - a speedboat, not an ocean liner

Another great thing about being independent consultants is you can think on your feet, react positively to unexpected events, and generally fit around other people's schedules and requirements. So we can be flexible when you want something that's slightly out of the ordinary, or delivered very quickly. So when unforeseen things happen (and they will - this is IT) we can be agile: it's a lot easier to turn around a speedboat than an ocean liner.

Not a faceless corporation - "I'm a man not a number"

Good business is, at its heart, about relationships. Even Microsoft and Google are made up of individuals - and one rude employee can tarnish any business's reputation. As a small independent company we've obviously got a vested interest in doing a good job. You know who you're dealing with and we're always at the end of the phone, email or IM.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - putting our money where our mouth is

Hiring a company to handle your website is no different from getting your car fixed. You're less interested in the gritty mechanical details than being confident they'll:

  • do a good job;
  • offer an end-to-end "one stop shop" service;
  • have your best interests at heart;
  • charge a fair and reasonable price.

And that pretty much sums up our approach.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
"If you're not delighted with what we've done then you don't have to pay."

And you can't get much fairer than that.