Some kind things people have said about our work recently...

United Medical Credit made it on the list of the fastest growing companies in Orange County, California. I wanted to thank you for your help and let you know we would not be their if it was not for you.
M. Libman
Thank you so much for all your help, your customer service is AWESOME!
T. Counselman
Thanks! I really appreciate your quick fixes and suggestions to the system. It makes me happy to know I chose the right solution for our business.
K. Kitoe
Gas Trailer
I have one thing to say - 'you're the bomb dot com' this script worked perfectly thank you so much.
M. Maldonado
Car West Autobody
Wohooo! it all works. Thank you again for the assistance, it is very much appreciated!
D. Lofaro
And tell me where to sign your praises? Love your service and your ability to respond to these requests.
E. Stojakovich
Leo Burnett Experience Design
Thanks so much... What a great service you offer","X. Rojas","Panda Windows","Jul 2013"),
X. Rojas
Panada Windows
...thank you for your response; the maps work great and we definitely made the right choice by going with your solution.
L. Miah
Coast Dental Services Inc
Many thanks from me and the ladies for your work on the web site; quick and efficient! :-)
M. Stewart
Writewell Ltd
Really good stuff thus far! Many thanks for all the effort.
C. Goodrich
Fantastic!! I will certainly be recommending this to friends with similar businesses.
Outasight VB Ltd
Brilliant, it works like a charm! Thanks so much!
O. Kristiansson
Clas Ohlson
You're the man Paul! Thanks for your help.
D. Mieth
Thank you very much for all of your help. This is such a great product!
Skellerup USA
Many thanks Paul, very pleased with the site, thank you for your advice, diligence & patience.
C. Hogg
Christopher Hogg Modern Design
That's fantastic, Paul. I'm very happy with the job, and the overall effect and the 'look and feel' are perfect.
M. Marsh
Zornitsa Mountain Village Ltd
I have just had a play and at this point I can't be constructively critical as I just love it and am excited!!!
S. Warren
This is an absolutely brilliant app that you are doing. It is just so intuitive and flexible and gives a user so much fun and freedom. No need to worry about text input now, you can do it all via clicks. I really, really, really love it.
P. C. Lamprill
Thanks for the great support Paul. Blipstar is the best store locator service I have found. Much Appreciated.
A. Trompeter
I wanted to email you and thank you for a wonderful product...
J. Chaney
Zebra Architects approached Paul Clarke to design our website with a particular brief - to be easily adaptable by ourselves so that we could update news and events; to positively reflect the young and dynamic nature of our core business with a fun, easy to navigate and memorable interface. Paul delivered on our brief and more besides quickly and efficiently. The website as a result has managed to secure Zebra Architects new commissions and interest from new clients and we would thoroughly recommend Paul Clarke to anyone thinking of a website design.
Thank you for an excellent product! We are a non-profit organization that provides braces for kids from low-income families. We needed a way to find which ones of our partner orthodontists were closest to our applicants' homes. All of the locator services that we initially found were way out of our price range, so we feel very fortunate to have found BlipStar Plus! It does everything we need (and more) and it's very easy to use. Thank you again!
M. Stephan
I will be sure to recommend you to any web development companies that need a similar tool as I think blipstar is great. All the best!
G. Romero
Genius! This is exactly the sort of thing we are after...In the meantime the new bus tracker is working!!!
H Pickering
Thanks for the super fast response. I will be sure to be adding a link to your site from mine. You are awesome!!
Thanks Paul - you're the best!!!